What was your biggest takeaway at EdcampMN?

At EdcampMN we had numerous ways to participate and document our learning. We had the Twitter hashtag #edcmapmn, the TodaysMeet chat, and the session notes. Toward the end of the day Kelli McCully posted this tweet:

So, if you attended EdcampMN, what was your biggest takeaway? Did anything inspire you to make changes in your school/classroom/practice?


3 thoughts on “What was your biggest takeaway at EdcampMN?

  1. My biggest takeaway is that a lack of control is not necessarily a lack of classroom management. I can allow more flexibility, choice, freedom without become a teacher with no classroom management skills. In effect, a less tightly controlled classroom environment is a classroom management choice, not a wholesale abandonment of classroom management.

    This fall I plan to loosen up a little bit, and see how it goes/feels.

    • I think that is a great idea to loosen up a bit in the classroom and see how it goes/feels. From what I took away from edcamp it seems that student flexibility, choice and freedom will increase their engagement and decrease behaviors and disruptions to student learning.

  2. There were so many great things that I learned at EdcampMN, but one of the biggest takeaways was regarding choices in the classroom. I could really relate to one thing that Ira David Socol said regarding student choice. He said, “How many choices our students have when they are thirty measures our success.” If we are not giving students choices in what they are doing at school, how are we teaching them to make good choices later on in life? In effect, if students do not have the skills to make good choices later on in life their number of choices at age thirty will likely be limited. Giving students choices of what they want to learn about, how they want to learn about it and how they want to demonstrate their learning is a great way to practice making choices and also increases student engagement. In the fall I will be sure to include students in decisions regarding lesson topics, lesson expansion and knowledge demonstration throughout the school year.

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